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Discover your legal rights and obligations and comply in just a few clicks !
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Find out about the rights and obligations applicable to a business and the associated risks and opportunities
Refine your search by using filters on content, its consequences, its nature, etc.
Delegate the management of rights and obligations to an employee or other competent person (lawyer, accountant, etc.)
Outsource in a few clicks the compliance of your obligations or the subscription to your rights


Gain in expertise
Learn about the various regulatory subjects applicable to your customers and gain credibility with your stakeholders.
More sales
Increase your turnover by invoicing new Compliance services.
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Improve and renew the experience of your employees and customers through a digital approach.

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What rules are used?
We cover all areas of specialization in business law applicable in mainland France in the organizations to which we offer services. These basic standards are nearly 50 codes of law containing more than 100,000 articles: social action and families, craft industry, insurance, civil aviation, cinemas and animated images, civil, commerce, consumption, construction and housing, defense, disciplinary and penal of the merchant marine, public fluvial domain and inland navigation, customs, education, electoral, energy, entry / stay foreigners and asylum, environment, forestry (new), general tax and its 4 annexes, monetary instruments and medals, book of fiscal procedures, mining, mining (new), monetary and financial, heritage, criminal, seaports , postal and electronic communications, intellectual property, research, road, rural (old), rural and sea fishing, public health, internal security, security social, sport, tourism, work, transport, town planning, roads. 

Other sources of French law have jurisdiction over codes of law such as judgments of the court of cassation, ministerial, prefectural and municipal decrees, simple laws (not codified), decrees and circulars as well as regulations issued by the authorities. administrative. European regulations are sources of law applicable in France. 

European directives must be transposed into French law and often have a deadline. The judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union supplement the sources of European Union law. International treaties ratified by France, such as those of the International Labor Organization, contain obligations that are imposed on establishments in France. Taxation, management, legal
What are your sources?
We obtain the regulatory texts on websites giving access to the law. Legifrance, for example, provides access to laws and regulations. The website of the Court of Cassation gives access to French jurisprudence.
What about Euro regulations ?
As European legislation also applies to French companies and institutions, eurlex and CURIA's regulatory texts are part of our sources.
What is jurisprudence?
Yes, to the extent that we consider the recurrences of corporate penalties, thereby influencing the real risk of non-compliance.
Are you updating the content?
Yes. Crawlers are by nature software that identifies regulatory updates. The subscription to the information services used by lawyers will give us a benchmark to evaluate the performance of crawlers.


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